We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Rigid Discharge Electrodes, Pipe and spike Rigid Discharge Eelectrodes & Frames and our set up is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.
To boost up the efficiency of Electro Static Precipitator ( ESP ) to many fold Enviro System has come out with the unique design for the same in the form of PIPE & SPIKE RDE along with frames with a very reliable and time tested manufacturing processes for the same. RDES are manufactured with various pipe diameters and placement of copper spikes. Welding of the spikes to the pipe is the USP for this as the welding is so strong that if at all the spike is to be removed from the pipe then welding is the only option. Also the deflection of the pipe if checked vertically across the length of the pipe is negligible.

The RDES and the frames are manufactured from high quality material along with the design of packaging crate which helps the entire shipment reaching the site without any problems.

  • - Rigid Discharge Electrodes with unbreakable & clear spike welding - ( Photo ).
  • - Properly designed packaging crates and easy handling for safety of material till the customer’s end ( Photo ).
  • - Pipe and Spike Electrodes frames which are ready for inspection ( Photo ).
  • - Packaging for RDE frames made easy for ease of handling ( Photo ).

DB Make 40 KVA
DB Make 60 KVA
DB Make 60 KVA
AMC of Emerson UPS

Discharge Electrodes frames ready for inspection

Discharge Electrodes frames loaded into packing

Rigid Discharge electrodes Unbreakable & clean spike welding

Properly designed packing
For safety of material till