Sunbird Off Grid Bidirectional Solar Inverters, 5 KVA, 10 KVA, 7.5 KVA Solar UPS, Dealer, Distributor, Installation, Testing, Annual Maintenance Contract, AMC Services. Our setup is situated in Pune and majorly we serve the customers from all over Maharashtra.

5KVA Solar UPS
5KVA Solar UPS

10KVA Solar
10KVA Solar

7.5KVA Solar Inverter
7.5KVA Solar Inverter

Enviro Solar

Sunbird off grid bi directional solar inverter, which has been designed specially for the solar application. Our long standing two decade expertise in solar on grid and off grid inverter market has resulted in to a smart, more reliable and Sunbird Solar Inverter. unbird Solar inverter has many unparallel features, which gives best ROI for the user and heplps in bringing the dream of Green planet more closer.
- Built in unique MPPT charging method for maximum utilization of solar insolation.
- Active Harmonic filtration of line / grid while mains is feeding to battery and load.
- Bi directional inverter using high speed IGBT and state of the Art DSP controller.
- Advanced communiction features to monitor precious power, remotely.

• Maximum Power Point Tracking ( MPPT ) design.
• PWM technology mains grid charger & inverter.
• Power quality audit through software.
• Scheduled shutdown.
• Digital & graphical representation of parameters.
• SMS & e-mail alerts.
• Pure sine wave output with low total harmonic distortion ( THD ).
• High efficiency & high reliability.
• Pulse by pulse current limiting with auto-reset resulting in efficient overload and short circuit protection.
• Battery pole reversal protection & battery deep discharge protection.
• Noiseless in operation.
• When solar energy is sufficient then output of MPPT charger is given both to batteries & inverter, the output of inverter will give AC voltage to load.
• When solar energy is weak then inverter is taking the possible DC source from solar in combination with batteries.
• If batteries have low a voltage condition then load is shifted to mains grid & batteries are charging on solar output.
• If solar energy is not sufficient to charge the batteries the mains grid charger will be active & DC voltage is given to batteries in combination with solar energy.
• Once batteries are fully charged then load is automatically shifted to inverter & inverter is operating on solar & batteries.